Solidarity Service

Genre: Funk/Rock/Reggae

Band Members:

Mike DeJaynes - Vocals and Guitar
Brett Goodell - Drums
Eric (Bomber) Cade - Percussion
Bill Hyland - Guitar
Matt Fegel- Bass
Brianna Moore - Vocals
Madeline Kelly - Vocals
Matt Sloan - Sax and Flute

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Current Location: Bozeman, Montan

Funky rock and reggae! Solidarity Service is a big band with a big sound. Featuring the songwriting of Mike DeJaynes, lush and lovely harmonies, and a groovin' rhythm section, Solidarity Service is guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Conscious lyrics and poly rhythmic poetry, crazy covers and well-crafted originals, Solidarity Service has that too. Check out a show and see if Solidarity Service is right for you!